Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Super Heroes

1. Spiderman- Spins A Web, Any Size, Catches Criminals Just Like Flies
2. Batman- If I only had half his gadgets and lived at Wayne Manor...
3. Wonder Woman- Just for the hot pants and those bracelets
4. Aquaman- What exactly is his use?
5. Superman- Just to be able to fly. Think of how much we would save on gas.
6. Ironman- That is one cool suit.
7. The Flash- Another gas saver
8. Mr. Incredible- I also love Elasti-Girl.
9. Captain Planet- Gonna Take Pollution Down To Zero
10. Bionic Bunny- Getting kids to read and wear glasses
11. Optimus Prime- He's a truck... He saved the world. He rocks!
12. Incredible Hulk- He's mean, green and kicks butt.
13. Thor- He's a viking with attitude. Always makes me think of Adventures In Babysitting

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