Friday, February 26, 2010

A Day In The Life

This week I bring you some news stories with my job featured.

Lock Down

Some one asked me this week if I like it better on lock down or off. For me it is kind of a toss up. When things run regular, it is easier on me physically. Inmates do the work and it is my job to supervise. When it is time to eat, they go eat. If they need something, they go get it. Of course, then they are free and more dangerous.

When there is a lock down, I have a lot of physical labor I have to endure. I have to bring their food to them, upstairs too. I have to collect the trash and haul them out. I have to collect laundry bags, then pass them back when they are cleaned. I have to pass out everything they need, down to toilet paper. They are behind locked doors, but they are more demanding and work me hard.

Doing Some Good

Occasionally, good things come from a prison. And in this case, good things come to the prison. This guy is really a nice guy. The inmates really respect him.


This prison closed when ours opened. As a matter of fact, we got their inmates and took over their Unicor. Some of our employees came from there too.

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