Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Best Laid Plans

Today was supposed to be a great day. Friends were coming and we were going to have a good time. The kids were going to have fun. It should have been super.

Too bad.

I worked 16 hours yesterday. I am tired. My stomach hurts. I have a headache. Then Trisha’s dog got sick on the way here and pooped all over her car. She didn’t want to leave the dogs home because they might escape or tear up the house. We have plenty of yard and her dogs are good travelers. So it should have been no problem. But the poor dog just pooped liquid disgust all over the car and on the other dog. The stench could make a buzzard cry. Not funny. (Okay, in a few weeks it will be hilarious.)

So instead of a nice fun day of catching up and hanging out, we got a tired and sick me, a stressed Trish, two stinky dogs, and two sullen teenagers. Super. We did have egg rolls, which were awesome. Our dogs didn’t get too crazy over having Trisha’s dogs here. That was good. But Trisha forgot the warmer I bought her from Nicole’s new business. She had a tough day. She looked pretty stressed.

Now I am relaxing. David made pizza. We watched some Desperate Housewives. We watched some old Simpson’s episodes. Maybe later we will watch some Glee. Now I am watching Lock Up. Tomorrow we are going to fund raiser for Allison’s cheer-leading. It will be at Applebee’s. I didn’t know Applebee’s did breakfast.

Well, anyway, I was really glad to see Trisha and her family. Sidney and Catherine had fun. Carolynn and Morgan might have liked each other better if they had interacted rather than just stand around looking at each other. We will see each other again. It’s not that far.


  1. Oh man!! I completely forgot my warmer thing!! Add that to my box that wouldn't fit in the car and we have another reason to visit. Next time, I'm putting the dogs in the kennel.

    All things considered, we all had a good time. I promise. The egg rolls were pretty great, the dogs got along good, David didn't hide, and Catherine and Sidney got along famously. Not too shabby.

  2. You can't go wrong with egg rolls.

    The dogs wouldn't have been a problem had Hannah not exploded.

    Catherine wants to know when Sidney is coming back.


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