Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Moment Of Peace

Two days off is never long enough.

Both cars are fixed. Sure, it cost a fortune, but we managed. There will be no European vacations in the near future. But the bills will be payed and there will be food on the table.

Carolynn had a good birthday. I can't believe she is 14. Time flies by way to fast.

Earth Day projects were nice. Roses, jasmine and geraniums are planted. Tomato and chives too. All in the front yard because of the dogs.

Another month is almost over.

Evening Watch blows.

We finished Desperate Housewives Season 1. We watched the first 5 episodes of Season 2. It is awesome.

Our dinner was so good. I made a veggie risotto. It was so awesome, we ate the whole pan of it. We also had garlic grilled chicken and roasted asparagus. Very healthy for our Earth Day dinner.

The sky is so clear. Earlier it was cloudy and cold. Now we can see the stars. We couldn't see the stars in San Diego. Unless we were at the ocean. I do miss the ocean. The sound was comforting to me.

Good Night people of the world. May tomorrow bring peace. And prisoners, you know, to keep me employed. :)

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