Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I Found In The Girls Rooms While Looking For The Stapler

So, I was looking for a stapler one day. I was doing some bills, taxes, school stuff, ect., and I needed a stapler. Carolynn said we had several staplers so I went and I bought some staples and brought them home. Of course, David and the girls were not home. They went to the sporting goods store for soccer equipment and swimming stuff. So I went to look for it. This is what I found...

1. A Bag of Pistachios (Carolynn’s Room)
2. Toothpaste Under The Bed (Carolynn’s Room)
3. A Bag Of Sunflower Seeds (Catherine’s Room)
4. A Box Of Candy Wrappers (Carolynn’s Room)
5. An Empty Happy Meal Box (Carolynn’s Room)
6. A Stitch Remover (Catherine’s Room)
7. Empty Monster Cans And Boxes (Carolynn’s Room)
8. A Large Rock (Both Rooms Had At Least 1 Large Rock)
9. A Partially Burnt Piece Of Paper That Said “Today I start with a day of love, peace and happiness because today is a new day and I’ll make it happen.” (Carolynn’s Room)
10. An Unopened Box Of Lip Gloss From Christmas 2008 (Carolynn’s Room)
11. A Powder Puff In A Drawer Full Of Pencils (Catherine’s Room)
12. A Broken Camera (Catherine’s Room)
13. A Bottle Of Fabreeze (Catherine’s Room)

Amazingly enough, I didn’t find the stapler. I had to wait for the girls to get home and ask them to find it. When she finds it, it is full of staples.


  1. And all this surprises you because??? Sounds very typical to me.

  2. Typical kids! But I gotta wonder about the toothpaste under the bed!


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