Saturday, May 22, 2010

And Then It Was Over

Correctional Workers Week ends today. There sure was a lot of food involved. Burritos, pizza, BBQ, breakfast... I think they may have been trying to kill us.

Today was the family picnic. They had tons of food, bounce houses for the kids, lots of games and prizes.

I understand that they were giving our some kind of commemorative coin and a lunch box too. I didn't get any such thing. But I work evening watch (4 to midnight) and this stuff usually goes on during the day. Last year, I was working morning watch and except for the picnic at the end of the week, I barley knew it was going on. They should work on trying to remember everyone better.


In The Line Of Duty

21. Robert F. Miller, Senior Officer
Killed at USP Lewisburg, October 12, 1987

22. D'Antonio Washington, Correctional Officer
Killed at USP Atlanta, December 21, 1994

23. Scott J. Williams, Senior Officer Specialist
Killed at USP Lompoc, April 3, 1997

24. Jose V. Rivera, Correctional Officer
Killed at USP Atwater, June 20, 2008

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