Sunday, May 16, 2010

Correctional Workers Week

This week is Correctional Worker’s Week. There are activities, food and stuff all week. Saturday will be the big family picnic and a car show. I figured I’d jump on board. Last year, I was working morning watch, midnight to 8am, and I really missed out on all the activities. We went to the picnic, but that was all. We took Allison and she kept asking me if I was sure it was free and also if the bad guys could see her.

I have only been a correctional officer for about a year and a half. I really love it. I never thought I would. I never thought it would be something I would do, but there you have it. Oh sure, there are days when I would rather do something a bit more girly. Sometimes it is scary. But I never have to worry about what to wear.

It can be dangerous. These are convicted criminals. They have already proven themselves to be bad guys. Officers have been murdered. 24 in the history of the Bureau Of Prisons. Tomorrow we will have a memorial ceremony to honor all those which have given their lives carrying out our mission. Here I will honor them as well. You can click on their names to read more.


1. Joseph B. Waldrupe, Correctional Officer
Killed at USP Leavenworth, November 10, 1901

2. Andrew F. Turner, Correctional Officer
Killed at USP Leavenworth, March 26, 1916

3. Edgar A. Barr, Correctional Officer
Killed at USP Leavenworth, March 19, 1917

4. James R. Brock, Deputy Warden
Killed at USP Atlanta, December 27, 1917

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