Monday, May 17, 2010

A Day In The Life

Hide and Seek

Two officers are out on the yard observing inmates returning back to their unit from their work assignments. One of the inmates is acting suspicious so they pull him over. The find well over $100 in stamps and a bottle of homemade intoxicants. They now are escorting him to the lieutenants’ office.

He comes along quietly. I am there, monitoring the door that leads into that corridor. They walk passed me toward the lieutenants office. I go out the door and am helping another officer direct several new inmates as to where to go. I hear behind me a loud yell and someone saying “Stop!

As I run back to the door, the door flies open and the door and another officer hit me. The two of us land in a heap, as that same inmate goes running passed. The other officer gets up and gives chase. It is still my job to monitor that door, so I get up and hold it open. Now staff is streaming out in order to give assistance in apprehending this inmate. I point them in the right direction. They all run out and tackle him and bring him back in handcuffs and leg irons. They return him to the office and proceed to search him.

The officer who hit me, also female, and I are bruised a bit and sore. We are sent to medical to be assessed. She got the full brunt of the inmate hit, while I got the door and her. We are okay though. My shoulder hurt a bit for a few days and my bruises healed. Her knee hurt for a couple of days and her bruises healed.

But why did he run? We had already taken his stamps and alcohol. Well, during the more thorough search of this inmate while in the lieutenants’ office, the lieutenant discovered a homemade weapon, a shank, on his person. Or more accurately, IN his person. The shank, about 7 inches and made of metal, sharpened to a point with a tape handle, was secured in his rectum.

My questions…

How was he able to walk, let alone run with that shank where it was?

Where was he planning to go when he ran? It’s prison. We will catch you.

If he ran with intent to ditch the weapon, how did he plan to get it out while running?


In The Line Of Duty

5. Andrew H. Leonard, Captain
Killed at USP Leavenworth, November 14, 1922

6. Robert G. Warnke, Laundry Foreman
Killed at USP Leavenworth, June 20, 1929

7. Royal C. Cline, Correctional Officer
Killed at USP Alcatraz, May 23, 1938

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