Thursday, May 06, 2010

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Animals We’d Have On Our Farm… If We Had A Farm (which would look like the farm in Milo and Otis)

1. Cows- David wants dairy cows because he doesn’t want to meet his dinner beforehand
2. Goats- For weed control
3. Horses- To ride of course
4. Chickens- For eggs
5. Turkeys- For dinner
6. Ducks- For eggs and to live in the large pond on our farm
7. Ostrich- Because Catherine wants one
8. Dogs- Because we already have some
9. Cats- Because we already have some
10. Fish- To swim in my pond and tease my cats
11. Kids- Because they are the biggest animals of them all
12. Pigs- For bacon
13. Llama- I have no idea

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