Monday, August 16, 2010

Keep On Truckin’

David’s truck was broken again. AGAIN!

His truck is so funny. When it breaks, it is usually some strange thing. One time the fan just fell off. Last fall, when David’s dad was here, they put in a new radiator. This time we thought it was the power steering pump. David checked the hoses and they seemed fine, but when you put power steering fluid in, it just fell out in a huge mess on the driveway. So we took it to Javier, our mechanic.

Yes, the power steering pump needed replaced, but the reason why was just crazy. It seems that the housing to it, the big metal bracket that held it in place, was broken. Yep. So we started searching for a new one. Well, David’s truck is a 1986 and parts aren’t exactly flowing around. Javier went to every salvage yard in the high desert (and we have several) looking for it. No luck. He called at some places around the surrounding areas. No luck. David and I looked. Still nothing. One of the guys in Javier’s shop thought he might be able to find a place to have it welded. He did. So this morning we picked up the truck with its booboo’s fixed. In the end it got a new power steering pump, a power steering belt, an alternator belt, two power steering hoses, plus the welding of the bracket and more power steering fluid. All that, plus labor…

David’s truck repairs are not usually too expensive.

But the funny part…

We picked up the truck and we pulled out of the mechanics shop. David was in the truck right behind me. Then he was gone. I didn’t see where he went. Then he called and said his car was driving like he had a flat tire. Yep. He totally blew a tire. So he went to the tire shop near the mechanic shop and, since you should never buy just one tire, he got two new tires. So his truck, in the end today ended up costing a lot more than expected. Oh well. Truck Happens.



For David's Dad


  1. Those gloves will pay for themselves the first time little-bit puts out her hands to avoid a face plant...don't ask me how I know :-(

    I think I am gonna take back the truck if david keeps abusing it, poor little trucky-wucky... :-)

    Hopefully it will be trouble free for awhile. Don't forget though it is very cheap to fix always! They are sought after just because of that. If you have a hard time finding a part I can help you search nationwide, let me know.

  2. oh yeah those tires were real old, I had been wondering when they would start to die....I bought them new way back in the day. I used to buy used tires for my vehicles before when I could not afford new, and will again if I have to.

  3. Catherine thinks she looks cool with them and they match her helmet. :)

    I know the repairs are always cheap, which is a good thing and why we are always able to repair it.

    And we will buy the other two tires asap. The new ones are on the front.


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