Sunday, August 15, 2010

Teaching The Impossible

When Carolynn was in the 6th grade, she rode her bike to school everyday. It was about 2 miles there. Now that Catherine is entering the sixth grade, she has decided she wants to ride her bike to school. This sounds reasonable. Catherine's school is 1.4 miles from our house. Very little of the ride is on major roads.

The problem lies with Catherine. She never rode a bike before. By the time Carolynn was 6 she was a bike rider. By the time she was going to the 6th grade, she was an expert. Also, Carolynn was riding on sidewalks. Catherine has to ride on dirt or desert roads.

David tried to teach Catherine to ride a bunch of times. But she gives up so easily. Now she wants to learn. So tonight, we fixed up Carolynn's old bike, got a helmet and started the process.

Now she said she has been learning to ride at her friend Cady's house, so it turned out to be easier than we thought. The bike is a bit larger than whatever bike she has been riding at her friends house. But she was getting the hang of it.

There is still a week before school starts. She still has to master the bike ride, the way to school and do it all with a backpack. Good thing she can always take the bus.


  1. Are those oil spots on the driveway from the truck?

    Some riding gloves with padded palms might be something to think about for catherine, wish I'd had some on when I went down in gravel and had to pick chunks of rock out of the skin of my hands afterwards.....

    just sayin.

  2. It's from where the power steering fluid fell out. Which we got fixed. (See a new post later today....)

    And we will be sure and get her some gloves this afternoon.


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