Friday, November 12, 2010

A Day In The Life

A Return Surprise

Frankly, I have gotten to the point where, when I work in the Special Housing Unit, I am going to see something I didn't want to. This day was no exception.

I was picking up the lunch trays. (It was the same day as this one.) I opened the little trap door and an inmate handed me the trays. I placed them on the cart. I collected the trash. I went to close the door.

And there it was. The inmate was standing with his penis hanging out the trap door. I slammed it shut before I got anymore surprises.

It's a good thing he was a quick moving inmate. He could have gotten a surprise of his own. He started swearing at me. I wrote hm up. I doubt he cared.

They never care. Most of the ones that do that kind of nasty stuff have a stack of incident reports that all say the same things...

Engaging in a sexual act and Indecent Exposure

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