Friday, November 05, 2010

A Day In The Life

Hands Off

I was handing out supplies to inmates in the Special Housing Unit. I am almost done. It's been a long day. It's the very last cell.

I open the little trap door and hand in the toilet paper. I am careful to stand away, in front of the closed door of the next cell over.

And then a long skinny arm reached out and attempted to grab my pants, or possibly my key chain. (or possible somewhere else unmentionable.)

What the hell...

I yelled and jumped away and slammed his trap door.

Now we fast forward to the next day...

Same cell, same guy...

He spends all day yelling at me and another female officer. He is crude and disgusting. We ignore his insanity. I have another male officer hand over his lunch, but I am coming by to pick up the trays.

I get to that cell. There he is. I know what he is doing. He got his penis up against the trap door and he is waiting for me to open it for a surprise.

Ummm.... no thanks.

So I don't open it. I skip it. I don't pick up his trays. He starts screaming. It's super creepy. But whatever. I wonder what his cellmate thinks.


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