Friday, November 05, 2010


Yesterday was our field trip, it was totally awesome!!!!Yesterday was also David's Birthday...But the field trip was way more awesome!!We saw so many cool things,but you already read that yesterday.I had to go to school at 7:00 am then we left at 7:30amand we got to LA at 10:00am.We went all the way to LA to go to the California Science Center.First we went to see the Mummy Movie it was soooo cool.Next we ate lunch, Cady kept throwing my cheese at Matthew.After that we went to the mummy exhibit.(we saw dead people)Then we went to this big energy exhibit where there was a thing full of air pressure that blasts a rocket up.Next we went to a cool little gift shop right next to the entrance.After that we went to a fish exhibit.Then we had to leave at 2:30pm we got to school at 5:00pm.It was really fun, it was the best field trip ever!

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