Monday, November 22, 2010

Insurance Woes

I have dental insurance. In March, I went for a cleaning and a filling. I paid $170 at the time of the service. I also paid another $70 for X-Rays. I was cool with it.

Tonight a lady from that dentist called and said I owed $180 more. Why?, I asked. She said because my dental insurance didn't cover my services. That didn't sound right. What was I paying $51 every two weeks for if it didn't cover anything?

So I tried to call the insurance company. They are only open eastern time and they were closed. So I got on the website. According to the website, x-rays and cleanings are covered at 100% and the filling was covered at 80%.

What the hell kind of filling costs $410 after the insurance paid the other 80%?

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  1. That's just crazy! Dental work - it's a racket! And they tell you that you need stuff done that's not necessary, at least in my case. Yes, fillings are necessary, but they want to build up the back of my teeth. For what? No one sees them!


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