Sunday, November 14, 2010


David and I switched vehicles. Yep, I traded my Pt Cruiser for David's really old 1980's Jeep truck. But there was a reason.

David drives more. David drives farther. I drive about 24 miles round trip to work and back. David drives 44 miles a day just getting Carolynn back and forth to school. Then he drives another 17 miles on days she goes to swim practice. This doesn't include stops for groceries, various places to pick up and drop off Catherine, and other errands. The PT Cruiser gets better gas mileage, has heat and air conditioning and fits everyone in comfortably.

The truck is old. It rattles. It is drafty. I get all bundled up in the morning to drive it. But I am only going to work. That is it.

The truck gets a lot of comments at work. People either make fun of it for it's old and terribleness or they want it. It's funny like that. I don't worry about it sitting there at work. Everyone knows that it is my hunk of junk and with that many officers walking around, I highly doubt anyone would mess with it.

It runs pretty good. I can't complain. It never costs much to fix when it breaks. Our mechanic is amazing at finding the old parts.

I miss my cruiser though. I still drive it on my days off and stuff, but it isn't the same. Only a few more payments and that baby is all mine.

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