Saturday, November 20, 2010

Where's The Romance?

Recently I read Dear John by Nicholas Sparks. It was okay. I had never read one of his books before. But I know a lot of people who have. I don't think I will read any more.

I was expecting some great love story. Everyone I know who had read his books said they were amazing. They were tear-jerkers. They were some of the greatest love stories of all time. Umm... no. What I got was dumb college students, a depressing soldier and the dumb chick that dumped him for doing the honorable thing. And then it ended and no one was happy. I don't think I will watch the movie either. I was not impressed.

Now I am reading Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz. So far it is pretty good. I'll keep you informed.


  1. Thank you for this review. I've been hearing about Nicholas Sparks, too. If I'm going to read I prefer it to be something that leaves me feeling happy - I don't need any help with the depression. LOL

  2. I thought the last one he released in Sept (Safe Haven) was actually pretty good.


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