Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Breakfast Of Champions

Several years ago, we were preparing to move from Kenosha, Wisconsin to San Diego, California. We were so happy and so excited. Carolynn couldn't wait to go to the beach, to SeaWorld, and to the zoo. I was excited to be going home and away from the snow and cold.

Catherine was not excited. She was only five and had lived over half her life in that little house in Kenosha, despite the fact that she was born in San Diego. We tried everything. We promised new toys, a new room at our new house, trips to the zoo, trips to Seaworld... nothing would sway her.

Finally I sat her down and asked her why wouldn't she like San Diego.

Catherine- “Because it's too gross.”

Mom- “What is gross about it?”

Catherine- “I don't want to live anyplace they make you eat dirty waffles.”

Mom- “Why would anyone make you eat dirty waffles? That would be gross. Who told you that you'd have to eat dirty waffles?”

Catherine- “You did.”

Mom- “I never said that.”

Catherine “Yes huh. You said we were going to move to San Diego.”

Mom- “I did.”

Catherine- “See. I don't like sandy Eggos. That is gross. I like syrup.”


  1. lol!! that is too cute.

    I had no idea you lived in Wisconsin. For some reason I thought youi'd always lived in CA.

  2. Yep. We lived there for three years. But other than that, I have always lived in California.


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