Monday, March 28, 2011

Friend Like Me

Last week, Catherine's school put on a play, Aladdin. Catherine was a feature player in this play as a street vendor. It was absolutely the cutest thing I had ever seen in my life. They did it on Thursday night and Friday night. David and I, as well and Sherri and Taylor saw the Thursday night performance and I met our friends Serenity and Adrienne to see it Friday night.

Mrs. Collins, Catherine's teacher, as well as the other teachers and parent volunteers and Mrs. Winkle, the music teacher, did a great job. They stayed late for practice at least once a week since September or October. The last few weeks they were staying every day.

It was fun and cute and the kids all were so great. I loved it so much. I took some pictures, but there is no video, as it was not allowed. (Though that didn't stop some people...)


Here they are lining up at the beginning of the play. Catherine is the third one down.

Here they are singing in one of the scenes. That's Catherine in the middle in pink. One of her BFF's, Brittney, is next to her in grey.

Here is Catherine after the play modeling her costume.

Brittney in her costume. She had the monkeys. Did you see the monkeys? To view them she charges no fees. She's generous, so generous...

Another of Catherine's BFF's, and Brittney's sister, Dalia. She was a belly dancer in Prince Ali's parade.

This is the main cast after the play. Catherine's friend Sierra was Jafar. She was so great. Mrs. Collin's daughter was the Genie and she too was just adorable.

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