Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Thrifty Shopper

Catherine is on Spring Break these two weeks. Unfortunately, Carolynn and David are not on Spring Break. Also, there isn't a chance this side of Hell that I will be getting any vacation time. Besides all of that, we really couldn't afford any vacations anyway.

But I didn't want to spoil her vacation. So we made a deal. She could plan some fun stuff and we would do it. However, she only had $100 to last her two weeks. I would pay for gas and any groceries that she might need. Well, Catherine is a bargain shopper. She wanted to make sure she got the most out of her $100. So here are her plans, which start today...

Tuesday, March 29- Eat lunch at Wienerschnitzel- We did it. She estimated that she might spend $15 there. But, because she opted for chili dogs (5 for $5) and some 79 cent corn dogs, she saved. She also went without soda and fries. So she only spent $9.

Wednesday, March 30- Trip to the Victor Valley Museum- Admission for her and I is less than $10. David and Carolynn will be in class.

Thursday, March 31- Dinner for two at Red Lobster. David doesn't want to go and Carolynn has swim. She estimates she will spend $30. (I am thinking that is a little low of an estimate, but we will see.)

Friday, April 1- Sleepover with friends- This is a free activity since I am buying the groceries. She is inviting 5 people. They will have chips, popcorn, ice cream and English muffin pizzas.

Saturday, April 2- Sleepover ends and clean up begins. She also plans on reading because I told her if she finishes Harry Potter and the Order Of The Phoenix by the end of Spring break that I would buy her Little Big Planet 2 for PS3.

Sunday, April 3- A trip to Calico Ghost Town I will be at work, so David is taking her and Carolynn on this adventure. Admission will cost $12. She estimates $20 total for that trip.

Monday, April 4- Nothing planned. She is going to hang around the house and read.

Tuesday, April 5- Go to the movies- She wants to see Rango. She estimates $25 to see a movie. We can see it in the daytime and if I buy the candy at the store, that counts as groceries.

Wednesday, April 6- Games and Fun Day- There will be junk food, games and lots of fun. And since I am buying the groceries, this is a free activity.

Thursday, April 7- First soccer practice. Her new team is turquoise and navy blue. She already has one friend on the team.

Friday, April 8- Take the dogs to the park- Another free activity that she can do with David during the day.

Saturday, April 9- More relaxing and reading

Sunday, April 10- Last Day! If she has money left, maybe some shopping. She has to finish her book to get her video game. We will see.

So it is going to be a busy two weeks around here. David has Spring break the week Catherine goes back to school. Carolynn has Spring break right after Easter.

I don't get a spring break.

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