Tuesday, April 05, 2011

For All The Pups I Have Loved Before

I don't know what I would do without my pets. We currently have three dogs and three cats. We also have a turtle. They have been there through good times and bad. I can't remember having a home without a pet. Even when I lived in a place where dogs and cats were not allowed, I had a cage full of parakeets and a tank full of fish.

We have gotten most of our pets from local animal shelters. Over the years we have loved nine cats. With the exception of the two that we got from Chris and Sherri, all of them have come from shelters. We have loved 4 dogs. Two of those dogs were shelter dogs. We got Gibby from a lady who had puppies because she wanted to breed her chihuahuas and so she didn't have them spayed. Too bad there was a pomeranian mix loose in the neighborhood, who also was not fixed. Elvis is a purebred beagle and we got him from a breeder who was a friend of my mom.

I know that right now, in this economy, it is hard to want to spend your money to give to animals. But I just don't know what I would have done without my Gibby to snuggle when I am sad or Betty to chew my fingers or Muffins (IBK) to hop in bed with me at night.

So here is a way to help. The ASPCA is going to give $100K to an animal shelter in the ASPCA $100K Challenge. First thing you have to do is vote. The 50 animal shelters who receive the most votes between now and April 15, will be eligible to win the $100K, possibly up to $300K with other donations and grants associated with this project. So go to the website, votetosavelives.org, and vote for your favorite shelter or rescue. My town, the neighboring town, and the county animal control are all in the running so far. So remember to vote everyday to make sure your town becomes one of the top 50 qualifiers.

Then, the contest is on. Between August 1 and October 31, it is a race to see how many pets can be saved. Winners will be announced November 30.

How cool is that? All you have to do is vote. That is it. A simple few seconds of your day, everyday until April 15. Easy.

Because without animal shelters, I wouldn't have...

Betty and Muffins (IBK- Itty Bitty Kitty)(She isn't so itty bitty any more though, more like giant and fluffy)



And even though we got Two Face here from Chris and Sherri, we had her fixed at the local shelter. And since we take good care of her, she will not end up in one.

Elvis here was fixed at the animal shelter as well, and when he was sick, they treated him there as well.

And of course Gibby... Who proudly wears his license from the animal shelter and he was microchipped there.

Have you seen that much cuteness? You know you want to save the pets. Do it or I will play this commercial over and over again until you cry yourself to death.

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