Saturday, May 07, 2011

Little Boys Do Some Crazy Things

One day I was walking Gibby in a local park. This park has lots of sidewalks for walking, a big park, the pool where Carolynn swims, and a amphitheater. They are building a dog park there too. So they have water fountains there that look like this one,
with a little fountain for the dog on the bottom.

Anyways, I was walking a long and I saw a little boy on a scooter stop at a water fountain for a drink. He took a drink the started examining the doggy fountain. He was quite interested. He looked around and then, of course, he tried to take a drink. He tried all kinds of ways. But the button turn on for the doggy fountain is at the top and he was so small, maybe 7 or 8. I watched him as we walked the dog. He was so funny. When I got to him I went over and let Gibby have a drink. The little boy stood there and watched me and Gibby.

Then he rode off. But it was hilarious.

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