Saturday, June 11, 2011


It's summer time. The weather is looking good and this desert is starting to look dull. It's time to get out. David and the girls have been wanting to go camping so I think it's about time.

But where?

I need a place that is not too far since we can only go on my off days and if I am lucky I might even get two together.

It has to be green. I am all set with desert.

We need some hiking. That's my favorite part of these adventures. I would like some place pet friendly so my Gibby can come too. He also enjoys hiking.

Some place that's not a million miles from civilization, in case I forget to bring something. I do that.

Finally, we'd like to try some fishing. I haven't fished since I was a little girl and don't even know what I need to do it. But we want to try it. David and the girls never fished before.

So who knows a good place that meets those criteria? Anyone? I need help. If I have to look at this brown for much longer, I am going to scream. The plan is to go midweek to avoid crowds and hopefully sometime next month.

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