Friday, June 10, 2011

A Day In The Life

In The Dark

One day, I was working in everyone's favorite local Special Housing Unit, when the power went out. It happens. We were sort of expecting it as we had been told that they would be working on it. It gets pretty dark, even though it is around 11:00 am. Because the Special Housing Unit is the most secure part of the institution, windows are not prevalent. Each cell has a small window to the outside and one small window that faces inside, so officers can check on them. Inmates often cover their windows and sleep all day. So, as you can imagine, it is dark. We have flashlights to check on inmates every 30 minutes as required.

Since it is dark, us officers are all standing around the one window and door that leads outside. But it is cold outside so we don't go out there. Then I hear something. It sounds like water running. A lot of running water. I left my flashlight in the office, so I borrow one from another officer and flash it toward the sound.

Coming from under and around the door of a cell is water. Lots of water. Toilet water. And other gross stuff.



So the lieutenant in charge goes down there to ask the inmate what his deal was.

He doesn't like the dark.

Of course.

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