Thursday, June 09, 2011

Thursday Thirteen- Final Edition

Well, this is it. I am giving up Thursday Thirteen. I have run out of ideas. And I am sick of wasting my Thursday with something lame. So for one final time, here are thirteen of the best previous Thursday Thirteen's.

1. Thirteen Things I Would Do On Vacation If I Ever Get One
2. 13 Things About Me That Begin With J
3. Thirteen Things On My Desk At Work (This was the very first one, at my previous job.)
4. Thirteen Things We Eat That Other People Might Find Gross
5. 13 Things You Can Do To Make The World Just A Little Nicer
6. Thirteen Grinchy Things You Can Do To Steal Christmas
7. Thirteen Injuries
8. Thirteen Fun Things We Plan To Do In Las Vegas
9. Thirteen Things I Found In The Girls Rooms While Looking For The Stapler
10. 13 Movies I Can't Believe They Made... But Are Available On Netflix
11. Thirteen Member's Of The Armed Forces I Have The Pleasure Of Knowing
12. Thirteen Things the Kitten May be Saying This was one by Catherine. I don't think she is doing anymore either.
13. Thirteen Songs That Remind Me Of The Time Before I Even Went To Elementary School

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