Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thursday Thirteen

So yesterday, after my car was fixed... (Yeah, $1000 later it was fixed. OUCH! New wheel bearings, new axle hubs, new brakes, pads and rotors, a radiator leak, a broken tail light, and a missing piece on the spare tire cage, plus a whole 72,000 mile service...) we got this crazy idea to go on an adventure. I have three days off and no vacation time coming in sight. It sucks being the low person on the seniority list. So we figured we would take advantage of this three days.

We came up with a list of possibilities.

1. Spend the day in Long Beach. We could tour the Queen Mary, go to the Aquarium Of The Pacific (I found a deal on line that included admission to both for one price.), then we could eat at Bubba Gumps.

2. Spend the day at Knott's Berry Farm.

3. Spend the day at Universal Studios.

4. Spend the day at Six Flags.

Well, number 4 was out right away when we realized it is only open on weekends right now. Then we had another idea...


Yes! I found us a deal online. Two nights, a bunch of free kids games, free food and other family type deal coupons at Excalibur. $120. AWESOME! Cheaper than a day at Universal Studios.

When Catherine got home, we were already packed and ready. My friend Tabi agreed to take care of our pets. Catherine had no idea. We told her we were going to dinner to celebrate the car being fixed. We did go to dinner at Bob's Big Boy on the way here. She was so busy playing her games and listening to songs on David's phone that she didn't realize where we were until we were all the way in Las Vegas. It was Carolynn's idea to make it a surprise. Carolynn packed everyone's stuff and put it in the car before Catherine got home. She did a great job.

So now I am writing this edition of Thursday Thirteen from our hotel room at Excalibur.

Thirteen Fun Things We Plan To Do In Las Vegas

1. Play lots of fun games- We did a little game playing last night.
2. Shop- Did a little of that last night too.
3. Go to the Coke store and try Coke products from around the world.
4. Buy M&M's from M&M World.
5. See the light show on Fremont Street.
6. See the water show in front of the Bellagio.
7. Eat Krispy Kreame doughnuts for breakfast- We will be doing that one shortly.
8. Eat wild ice creams from Cold Stone- We did that last night too. Catherine ate banana ice cream with rainbow sprinkles and white chocolate chips.
9. Tour the Ethel M Chocolate Factory.
10. Ride some roller coasters- Not me, but the kids will.
11. See some circus performers at the Circus Circus.
12. Gamble- A little at least
13. Have a super fun adventure!


  1.! Don't forgetthe volcano eruption in front of the Mirage. There are also the lions exhibit (free) at MGM. My fav though are the fountains at Bellagio.

  2. Oh..and HAVE FUN! What a cool advendure!

  3. I forgot the volcano and the lions. We will probably see that too. There are so many free things. :)

    We are having a blast.


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