Friday, February 19, 2010

Viva Las Vegas

We are home from our fun trip to Las Vegas. We had a blast.

Like I said before, we left late on Wednesday and didn’t tell Catherine. We stopped at Bob’s Big Boy for dinner and we were off. Catherine sure was surprised. We stayed at Excalibur. It was so fun. Wednesday night we stayed at the Excalibur and played some games. We got some ice creams and relaxed.

Me and the girls in the Excalibur

We got up early yesterday and got some Krispy Kreame doughnuts. Then we walked over to New York New York. We looked in the shops there before walking across the street and checking out the shops. There is an M&M World there and a Coka-Cola shop, as well as other gift shops.

David and the girls in the M&M store

We looked around in the M&M shop first then we went to the Coke place. Carolynn and I found a couple of cute clearance shirts. Mine says Coke China and Carolynn’s says Mello Yellow. (Do they even make that anymore?) We also got some cool Coke stuff for my dining room… a napkin holder and a straw dispenser. (I got Coke salt and pepper shakers and some Coke wall stuff last time.) While we were there Carolynn tried the Coke’s of The World samples. Some of them were pretty nasty.

Carolynn trying the Cokes of the world

When we were done there, we headed back to New York New York. Carolynn and David rode the roller coaster while I took Catherine to play some games. Then we went to the village area there and ate. David and Catherine got some New York style pizza. The man gave Catherine an extra slice for being adorable. Carolynn said she wasn’t hungry and I was only a little hungry so I found this little fish fry place there. I got a small basket with some fried calamari and hush puppies. Carolynn ate most of them. They were really good though. Don’t ever believe Carolynn when she says she isn’t hungry.

Next on the adventure, we went for a drive and checked out the sights, finally stopping at Circus Circus. The girls got wrist bands for the Adventure dome and were off to ride. David and I did a little gambling. We won nothing. But it was fun. We saw some circus acts and got a soda. Then, when the girls finally got off the rides (because the place closed), we went to the buffet. Carolynn may have eaten her weight in food products. I think she had 4 full plates and 4 desserts. They had so much good food. I was so stuffed. When we got back to our hotel, we played some more games and I had a couple of margaritas. That was it. It was a long day.

Today we checked out of our hotel and ventured out to breakfast. Everywhere we saw was crowded. We finally stopped at a Winchell’s for some donuts. Then we were off to tour the Ethel M chocolate factory. It is a short tour. They have an M&M store there too. At the end of the tour is the Ethel M chocolate store. We sampled some chocolate and the girls got a couple of small bars to bring home. They also have a cactus garden there. We walked around there a bit before heading home.

Me and the girls in the Ethel M chocolate factory

David and the girls in the cactus garden

On the way home, we stopped in Baker and got gyros at the Mad Greek. We saw it on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives on the Food Network. The gyros were pretty good. Then we were off again. Now we are home. The dogs really missed us. I thought Gibby was going to have a heart attack.

It was a great and super fun adventure. We didn't do everything we wanted to do, but we did so much fun stuff. There just wasn't enough time. But now it is back to regular life. I have to get back to work and the girls have science projects to work on.

Speaking of science projects, Catherine needs your help. I need all of you and your families to help her with her data collection.

Get yourself a stopwatch, stand on one foot and time how long you can. Record the time and send it to me along with your age. Catherine’s project is determining if your ability to balance deteriorates with age. So do it for the whole family. So send it to me preferably by tomorrow night.


  1. Love Vegas! Looks like you all have a wonderful time.

    Does it matter which foot you stand on?

  2. Nope. Just balance for as long as you can. No cheating.

  3. What a fun trip! I've stayed at Excalibur, and it's an entertaining place. You guys had so much fun!


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