Saturday, February 20, 2010

Texting Teens

Me: Turtle taken care of?

Carolynn: yes mom

Me: You better

Carolynn: i did

Me: Or else

Carolynn: i did

Me: U sure?

Carolynn: yes

Me: Positive?

Carolynn: yes

Me: Positively sure?

Carolynn: yes

Me: Absolutely positively sure?

Carolynn: yes mom

Me: Really?

Carolynn: Yes

Me: Promise?

Carolynn: Yes

Me: Pinky swear?

Carolynn: Yes

Me: Cross your heart?

Carolynn: OMG Yes

Me: OMG? What was that for?

Carolynn: You keep asking

Me: I was just checking. Geez.

Carolynn: Well i did

Me: Are you sure?

Carolynn: Yes im sure

Me: You don't seem sure.

Carolynn: I cleaned my turtle tank when I woke up. I also had some rice.

Me: What kind of rice?

Carolynn: White

Me: You didn't fry some up?

Carolynn: No, I didn't know how much rice to use.

Me: Oh. Catherine didn't get involved did she? You know how she burns rice.

Carolynn: How much rice to use for fried rice?

Me: 2 cups rice. 4 cups water. In the rice cooker.

Carolynn: Oh, what time are we leaving to Joe and Nicole's?

Me: They said come over at 6.

Carolynn: Oh, okay.

Me: So make your rice tomorrow.

Carolynn: Okay

Me: Did you clean the rest of your room?

Carolynn: It's already clean.

Me: Super clean?

Carolynn: Yes.

Me: Sure?

Carolynn: Cause rooms can fly

Me: lol

Carolynn: and fight crime


Carolynn: ha

Me: What else did you do today?

Carolynn: Trained my cat to attack people

Me: How'd that work out?

Carolynn: Very well thank you.

Me: She attack anyone yet?

Carolynn: No

Me: She been getting her vitamins?

Carolynn: Yes. Catherine slammed her paw in the door.

Me: She okay?

Carolynn: Now

Me: Maybe she attacked Catherine and Catherine was defending herself.

Carolynn: lol

Me: Well you said she was an attack cat.

Carolynn: Okay Mom.

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