Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tuesday Ramblings

Why Did The Teenager Lose Her Phone Privileges?

Because I busted her talking on it at 1 am. Yep. She lost it for two weeks. She is trying really hard to have it returned to her early, but there is nothing she can do. It is mine. Really, what is so important abut the hoodlums she hung around with at school? Look where it got her. But she won't listen and learn.

I really think I need a vacation. I know, we just got back from Las Vegas, but that is not what I need. I need some time at home to catch up on stuff. Plus I have been on this rotation for well over a year and I never know from week to week what shift I will work or what days I will have off. That will change soon. Starting March 21 and through June 19, I will have the same job, the same place at the same time. I will be working from 4 pm to midnight and I will always have Wednesday and Thursday off. Not my first choice, but I take what I can get.

On Thursday we have a meeting with Carolynn's school. I am not super impressed with their program. It is not all I wanted it to be. They don't require reading. Everything is all about worksheets in a packet. Next year she will use a charter school I like better. Catherine will got to a prep school, but if for some reason not, she will be home schooled like Carolynn. Middle school is rough.

I made chili for dinner and it was so awesome.

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