Thursday, June 30, 2011

Science Is Useful

At the end of the school year Carolynn had to do a science project. Her science project was titled “Which Laundry Additive Gets Stains Out Best”. We had fun and we learned something new.

First we started with a brand new pack of socks. David is now wearing them. Then we poured red Kool-Aid on them and let them sit over night. It left stains on our kitchen table. We didn't care. That kitchen table is old and the dog chewed one of the chairs.

First we used Clorox bleach. It got the socks pretty clean. There was some residual pink. Then we tried the Clorox 2. That left the most pink. We tried some Wal-Mart brand bleach. That worked about the same as the Clorox bleach. Finally, we used Borax. I never used Borax before. But it worked beautifully. No pink left and the socks were really white. It was awesome.

Now we have been using it in all of our laundry. It works wonders.

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