Friday, July 15, 2011

A Day In The Life

Megan Fox

One fabulous day, an inmate arrived at a certain women's prison camp. She is very pretty. We call her Megan Fox, because there is quite a resemblance. From almost the very first day she arrived she started hanging around with another inmate, inmate K. Inmate K is a nice enough inmate. At that point she had never been in trouble. But inmate K took a liking to Megan Fox and they became quite the couple.

Before you knew it, they were getting written up for being out of bounds, in one another's beds, and so on. But when they realized that they lost privileges over that, they tried to straighten up. They were still a couple. Always together. Other officers and I spent time trying to catch the two of them. Several times we saw them in the movie room with the lights off. But we never were able to catch them at anything. But we were sure they were sneaking kisses in.

Inmate K liked to talk. So I knew her whole life story... and she was out and proud. Since Megan Fox got with her right away, we assumed that she too was gay.

We were wrong.

Or were we?

One day, I was at the camp and Megan Fox was all excited because her mom was coming to visit that weekend. I had never seen her mom. She had only visited once before. But she was very excited. I was happy for her. She was telling me that this week was her turn since inmate K had her mom visit the previous weekend.

Wait... Back up.

The previous weekend inmate K's mom and aunt visited. During the visit, I caught Megan Fox trying to sneak a peek at inmate K and her mom. Since I was feeling nice, I pointed it out to inmate K and even let Megan Fox wave real quick through the glass door so inmate K's mom could get a good look at her. Then I shooed her on her way.

Okay, so back to Megan Fox and her mom. The mom arrives at processing on the day of the visit with a man. This man was not bad for looking at. I thought maybe Megan Fox had a brother. They hand me their ID's and I enter the names in my computer. Sure enough, Megan Fox's mom and the man...

Her husband.


So I go outside to let her into the visiting room and there she is standing with inmate K. She comes inside and I pat search her and write down everything she came in with. (Hair bands, earrings, watch, ect.) Then she turns to me and asks me not to mention anything about inmate K to her mom or husband.

Of course I wouldn't.

As the visit went on, the officer on duty at the camp came in. He too was familiar with Megan Fox and inmate K. He saw Megan Fox in the visiting room, holding hands and chatting with a man and asked me who that was. When I told him, he was shocked. And we laughed.

Later that afternoon, another inmate came to the visiting room. She works in there handing out toys to the kids. She also happens to be Megan Fox's bunkmate. She saw Megan Fox and her husband sitting there and she was shocked. She went over and introduced herself as the bunkmate and was informed that this man was in fact Megan Fox's husband.

She then came to me and asked me if I knew that Megan Fox had a husband. I told her I just met him.

She says, “Ms. S, when she said that was her husband your could have knocked me down with a feather.”

I laughed and laughed.

Because what happens in prison stays in prison.

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