Friday, November 04, 2011

Dona Nobis Pacem

Seems silly to write about peace on the day I usually write about what kind of crazy stuff goes on in prison. But here we go.

I think my grandpa is the perfect example of living in peace. He worked hard and enjoyed his retirement. He fished and walked his dog and spent time with his children. All of them. That's how it should have been. Work and enjoy the fruits of our labor. Sounds like a plan. I think I will do that.

Live in peace.


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  1. Good for you, Jennifer, that sounds like a real good plan!! (It's something I still have to learn how to do... :-) )

    Peace and happiness to you and yours x

    [your peace post will soon be linked into the patchwork peace quilt on my blog 'Peace Bloggers Unite' ]

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  2. Sounds like a wonderful human being and perfect example. I love the way you've placed living peace on the peace globe.

    #2402 in the Official Peace Globe Gallery at

    Dona nobis pacem,


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