Saturday, November 05, 2011

Everyone Should Have One

Yesterday David turned 24. We didn't do much celebrating since I had to work and the girls had school and tae kwon do. Chris and Sherri took him out for pizza and bought him cupcakes. I made him spaghetti. (I'm Italian. When something happens I make spaghetti.) But we will do something extra special when we can. That's the part about being an adult is sometimes birthdays just have to wait.

David is the best. He is super great with the kids. He cheered at various soccer and softball games. He's watched countless hours of swimming and tae kwon do. He has driven to various swim meets and cross country events. He has waited outside of schools, seen every play and and every choir performance.

He keeps the house sort of tidy most of the time. The laundry is usually done and the dishes are usually clean. He helps kids with homework and still has time to do his own.

He always listens when I have a bad day. Or a good day. Or I just feel like talking to him. Though he does point out stories I have already told him. Which is not cool. But I let it slide. He gets along with my family and friends.

No matter what happens, we always have our David. I think we will keep him.

Get your own.

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