Monday, December 05, 2011

O Come All Ye Faithful

The bathtub in the master bath has never been quite to my liking. The stopper never quite worked. You could start to fill it up, but it was still slowly draining. So taking a long hot bath was never an option. The other bathroom didn't have that problem. But that is the girls' bathroom and it usually a mess and Catherine is probably playing with Pokemon in there anyway. Who can relax in a Pokemon filled tub, in a bathroom covered with clothes and someone's wet swimsuit always hanging up in there?

Some time last year the overfill drain in my bathtub just fell off. (My house is old.) Then there was a huge hole in my bathtub. Another thing not too appealing to a relaxing tub time.

Then the girls' bathtub stopped draining right. All their showers were baths. No matter how much Drano and Liquid Plumber I tried. Of course, some time a couple of months ago their shower broke. And only bath's were available. Bath's that took an hour to drain.

Sweet. Now the Pokemon and Carolynn junk had moved to my bathroom.

Of course, in my bathroom you couldn't even brush your teeth. The sink didn't drain right. I tried the same products I had tried on the tub. No dice.

This house is so old.

I bugged the rental agency and finally, this morning they sent a plumber.

In the space of 30 minutes, he unclogged my sink and the girls' bathtub. He fixed the shower in there too. He replaced the overflow in my tub and also replaced the stopper.


Calgon, take me away.


  1. Thank goodness you got that fixed! I have a shower that gets clogged every so often and no amount of drain cleaner will fix it.

  2. I was so glad. It had been FOREVER. :)


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