Tuesday, February 28, 2012


We have officially made it through the first part of this baby journey. In just 6 short months, the little bundle of joy will arrive. We are getting ready.

Well, in all of our own special ways.

We get the keys to our new, bigger house on Thursday. After a long process. We were supposed to move in last week, but the house was not ready. It still had a broken window, among other things that were supposed to be repaired. But they told me today it is going to be ready in time. Keep your fingers crossed.

The girls are super excited. Carolynn can't wait to get started decorating the nursery. Catherine is excited about not being the littlest any more.

David has been amazing. No matter what I need, even if it is ice cream at midnight, he is on it. Though the morning sickness has really been minimal compared to both of the girls, if you find me tossing me cookies, you can find David standing right there with tissues and water. He is my hero.

I am doing pretty good. Working is hard. I have never been pregnant and had to work before. But my work is being surprisingly wonderful about this. My assignment this quarter had been in a rather dangerous area. Without me even asking, they offered to move me some place safer. And they have been being great about it. In a few weeks, when the next quarter begins, I am assigned to minimum security women. About as safe as I get.

Like I said before, the morning sickness has been minimal. I only threw up about half a dozen times over all. However, I was nauseous a lot of days. And certain smells made me want to run and hide. (Peanut butter one day, corn flakes another) My little baby bump is just starting to show. I am tired a lot.

I will try and do better at keeping this up. They say the second trimester is easier....

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  1. I was wondering if your work was able to move you to a safer place/zone. That's great that they are already "on it." Looking forward to seeing pics of your new home!


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