Sunday, June 10, 2012

Like An Adult

When this year started, we had three cars. We had our old truck. Okay, so it was old and leaked oil. And it wouldn't pass smog. But we had it. We had the loser cruiser. It was running fine, but needed new tires. Then at Christmas, my ex-husband gave us a car for Carolynn. It began falling apart almost immediately. But we had it. It even ran occasionally.

But when we found out about the baby....

Well, David driving his old truck wasn't going to cut it. No back seat for the car seat. And I really couldn't have my teenaged daughter driving a car that was unreliable. So...

This is David's new car. We traded the broken down car we got from my ex-husband for it. (And for those of you wondering, he was fine with that. He didn't want Carolynn driving something unsafe either.) And we gave Carolynn the truck....

Which has since finally passed smog and had the oil leak repaired. YAY!

Anyway, back to David's car.

It's a 2010 Honda Civic. It's his first car. Well, second, but the first car he ever bought.

His first grown up car.

He really wanted a Hummer or an FJ Cruiser, but he got realistic. And he almost got a Kia. But the Honda was a good choice. He can drive the girls around in that. It gets great gas mileage. We drove it up to my dad's in Fresno and it did great.

We sure are moving on up around here. New house, new car, new baby...

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