Monday, June 11, 2012

A Loss Of A Friend

Approximately two weeks after we purchased David's new car, I found someone online who was selling a dresser/changing table. They only wanted $40 for it. What a bargain! So Carolynn and I went to get it. We took my car, as it wouldn't have fit in David's. We drove out to the ladies house, right behind my friend Adrienne's house. The seller and her hubby loaded it up in the car, we paid her the $40 and off we went happy with our purchase.

Things really went down hill from there.

Not too far away, we were stopped at a stoplight. Then BAM! SMASH!

Some lady hit us. Hard. The back window shattered. The sun roof flew open. We were pushed into the car in front of us. It scared the heck out of me and Carolynn. I get out of the car and tell Carolynn to dial 911. My whole back end is smashed. My front end is a bit tweaked too. The lady who hit us is a mess. Her whole front end was smashed. Her air bags had deployed. She seemed disoriented. The man in the car in front of me was fine. His 1984 Oldsmobile barely had a scratch.

We move our cars to the side and I tell the police where we are. A very nice officer comes and we all exchange information. Despite the damage, my car is still drivable. So the guy in the Oldsmobile and I drive on home. The lady and the officer wait for a tow.

I took the car to the collision center a few days later. I couldn't wait to get my car fixed and back.

But there was bad news.

The car was totaled. The frame was bent. It would never drive again.


It was my car. And it was gone. Luckily I had insurance and the money they gave me was really a blessing.

But my car is gone.

It seems silly, but I don't own a car now. (Technically, I own David's but it's his car.) It makes me sad.

I have the worst luck with cars.

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