Monday, September 03, 2012


So it's Labor Day.

I am not laboring. Not even a little. Not even a hint of labor. At 42 weeks into a 40 week process...

You could say I am a little frustrated.

You would think I would have expected this. Catherine was due on Labor Day. She was born on the 21st after they had to induce her too.

Apparently Tony Stark designed my uterus.

I have wasted two weeks of my maternity leave. Which sucks since I won't have more baby time. But was good because I think the stress of worrying I would go into labor at work, the general stress of working in a prison, the heat and the exhaustion are what sent me into the false labor that made me go on maternity leave in the first place. This has been a nice break.

It would have been even nicer with a baby.

Tomorrow the girls go back to school. After a year of home school, Catherine is ready to go back. They both have back packs full of supplies, books and brand new lunch sacks. Carolynn got her hair cut and then dyed it. She meant to die it like an auburn brown but it came out more purple maroon.

David has been back in school a week now.

And tomorrow night I check into the hospital and I don't check out again until I have a baby.

And then....

We begin a new chapter.

Until then....

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