Tuesday, February 10, 2015

My Little Chef

My little Carolynn has been quite the chef lately.

One night, while I was at work she made some kind of carrot curry soup. I didn't try it. I was at work.

On another night, while David and I were at Disneyland with Michelle, she made, for her and Catherine, some kind of barbecued portabello quessadillas. They looked yummy. She was going to save me one, but she missed.

Then she made this fabulous Orecchiette Pasta with Chicken in a Creamy Rosemary Lemon Sauce.

She used twice as much chicken as it called for and she put in all the rosemary at once.

It was delicious. There were no leftovers. We are making it again.

Hopefully we can get some more of her fabulous cooking around here.

Hint, hint...

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