Saturday, January 02, 2016


In 2015, David and I did something we never did before.

We bought a house.

This is our house. OURS. No one else's.

It comes with some challenges.

It is an older house and some stuff requires a bit of repair. But it is big and wonderful and ours.

The kitchen is a little smaller than I would love. We need a new stove and a new dishwasher. Actually, we need new counters, new cupboards and a new sink too, but they work for now.

But the yard is fabulous.

We are still working on it. The only room we have painted so far is the baby's room.

It is green with orange accents. I was a little worried about how it would come out, but it looks great. I even found curtains and a changing table cover in that shade of orange. Michelle seems to like it. She is a messy housekeeper.

This month my goal is to finish Carolynn's room. We just need to paint and put up curtains and she needs a new sheet and blanket set. We can do this.

I will try and post pictures when we do. I make no promises though.

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