Sunday, January 01, 2017

A Revival

I am sick of social media. Facebook is so full of people who believe everything on the internet. David calls Facebook a bunch of “Dank Memes” and funny cat pictures. Twitter is only useful for news. I use it as my own special news feed. It includes nice things like when Disneyland is open and what movies are coming out. And Instagram is becoming less of family pictures and more of those “dank memes”. I am tired of it. I want to hear about my friends and family. I don’t want to be blasted from both sides with political drama and nonsense. I want to share my life with my family and friends as well. But I can’t do that on Facebook any more. No one will notice between the political drama and the cat pictures. No, I will not copy and paste to show I love America or veterans or cats or my spouse or that I support cancer research or saving the whales.

So I am bringing back the blog. It’s retro. It’s hip. It’s cool. And you know what?


No dank memes.

No funny cat pictures.


Actually, let’s just go with NO DRAMA!

Keep it to yourself.

I am quite excited about this. I finally have a place where I can record my family history in peace. Okay, so I had it all along and I let technology come and jerk me around. You don’t know it yet, but I have already written at least 15 new posts. Yeah. I know.

So get ready.

And seriously, no more dank memes.

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