Monday, January 02, 2017

By The Numbers

So maybe you are thinking, “Hey Crazy Lady… Facebook isn’t that bad. You are wrong.”


I did a little study.

Here are the facts.

I have 130 Facebook “Friends”. (Probably less now.)

Of those 130, 3 are actually businesses and 2 are deceased persons. So I have really 125 regular “friends”.

I did a study of a random 15 friends for 14 days. I did not pick the friends, I let Facebook pick.

Of those 15 friends, 1 did not post at all during the time frame.

So we are now talking about 14 friends.

In two weeks those 14 friends posted 385 times. That is 27.5 posts per person. That is just under 2 posts per person per day.

126 of those posts, or approximately 32% of those posts, were what I am calling “Real Personal Facebook Posts”; check in at a location, a personal photo, a funny anecdote about something that happened to you…

“Suzy just checked in at Red Robin…. YUM.”

“Look at my little baby…”

“Today at work one of my co-workers told us she got engaged over the weekend.”

You know the stuff that we used to share on social media.

132 of those posts, or approximately 34% of those posts, were… DANK MEMES! Specifically, non-political memes.

96 of those posts, or approximately 25% of those posts, were political. Nope, you are not going to change my opinions with your constant memes and blatant lies. FROM BOTH SIDES! Even if I agree with you, Facebook memes are not going to change the world. No, I really do not believe that the Clinton’s have an island for child sex acts. No, I really do not think Donald Trump keeps small Asian women locked in his basement as sex slaves. And no matter how many times you post it, the Bernie Sander’s loophole is not real.

That was the bulk of them.

There were 13 advertisements shared and 13 non-political news stories shared. There were 2 recipes shared, 2 Facebook games shared, and 1 book review shared.

So basically, 68% of my Facebook feed was nonsense. NONSENSE! And that was just 14 people. I HAVE 125 PEOPLE!

I am tired of this. I am tired of it all. I am taking back my social media. Hell, I am putting the social back in it.

Anyone got a cute picture of their dog I can see?

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  1. I'm guilty of posting pics of my kid right and left. I rarely post anything really personal because I am not comfortable with sharing too much information with my 179 Facebook friends/family. Maybe if my family wasn't on there . . . Like my mom and in-laws. And yet I am able to get more personal on my blog somehow with complete unknown strangers reading my posts . . . I don't quite get it either.

    I've been giving some thought to giving up Facebook--or at least taking an extended break. It would be good for my mental health--and maybe my reading too. And I worry about posting so many personal photos online like I do. I need to cut that out too. It'll upset my relatives who are only in touch with me via FB, but there's still my Christmas photo card . . .


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