Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Busy and Fat

Okay, not that fat… but not that thin either. I need to be healthier now so I do not have health problems later. Therefore, I made it my goal to get 30 minutes of exercise everyday. So far, I got 10 minutes. That is better than nothing. I made a counter and put it at the bottom of the page. I got the counter from the blog of a girl in my book club. It was a cute idea and maybe if everyone else can see it, it will be a motivation.

I have been busy at work, so I am glad to have a break from my usual internet workings. I am not blogging here everyday and I am not all on top of my e-mail. I really should catch up because I think there is a cable bill in my e-mail that wants my attention.

I had started to read The Kite Runner, but today Jo Anna brought me Love In The Time Of Cholera and I kind of want to read that one first. After Happiness Sold Separately, I need some great romance.


  1. Well, I had my Directv bill sent to me via e-mail, and I would delete it with the junk mail. I now have them send a bill in the regular mail but I still go on line and pay. I am simi old school I guess.
    I think it is hard to get into the exercise when the weather is cold. In the summer, swimming or hiking is fun and good exercise. And summer foods are better for the weight loss. Salads and fresh fruit, verses Chicken and dumplings, and home made mac and cheese.
    We did not get any snow at our house but the mountains all around us did, and it looks real pretty from a far. I know how you and your friend love the snow......

  2. Oh sure, Trish and I are big fans of snow. HAHAHAHA! Yes, it is hard to get out and exercise when it is so cold. But I am trying to find ways. Chicken fried steak probably isn't super healthy, but like Rachel Ray says... All things in moderation.

    Oh, and I paid my cable bill. Now the e-mail and blogs can continue.

  3. We were without cable AKA internet for a week one time, when I went to Directv and Fios. Its funny how you miss pogo when you don't have it. I could get on with my Laptop but with just wifi but it was so slow.

  4. The kids were only without cable for a few hours yesterday morning and they thought the world had ended.

  5. They live in a high tech world, computers are part of their everyday lives. Think about how many new things have come along since you were Carolynn's age. Now think about how many things have changed since I was Carolynn's age. We've come along way baby!


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