Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Everyday Can Be An Adventure

Not much is going on really. I have been working. The kids have been home playing Wii and Webkinz. The cable was out earlier today and the girls were without their Webkinz. It was almost tragic. We have no big adventures planned for January. After the holidays, it will be nice to just stay home or at least stay local. Carolynn took down all the Christmas decorations so the house looks somewhat naked.

February should have a bit more excitement. I am going to see The Wallflowers at Pala with my parents. Pala is always fun. Grandpa is so funny at Pala. He thinks it’s the “happiest place on earth”. I say Bryan Adams there with my dad and we all saw a tribute to The Monkees. The tribute band sucked. Bryan Adams was good though.

A new adventure possibility was brought to me today. My mom’s cousin Shari works for NASCAR and can probably get us in as ushers or something at the races in February. That could be pretty cool. Other Aunts, Uncles and Cousins could be joining us. I do not really care for NASCAR, but it will be a new adventure. I can get many pictures of everyone and meet some new people. Then that can be one more thing that I can say I did. In addition, I am pretty sure my Grandma, my dad’s mom, is going to be at this particular race and I know she’d be glad to see us.

Here is a picture of Shari. She is Aunt Gloria’s youngest daughter. Aunt Gloria is my Grandpa’s sister.

Here is a picture of my Grandpa with his other sister, Aunt Margie, and my mom’s cousin Wendy.

Well, it is looking like the fun start to a new year. There will be plenty of adventures to get started on our year of adventure.


  1. Well heck you may as well get to meet some of my cousins. You have had some new adventures with your cousins. Shari sent me that picture of her and her daughter ice skating on New Years day. I do not think I would be too good at Ice skating. The Picture of Wendy was taken at my aunt Gloria's 60th Birthday party just last summer. Grandma already has her ticket for the races I will find out where she is sitting I am sure she would love to see us, of course she will not be able to hear us. Helen is a NASCAR fan as you know, maybe we could get her some cool pictures of her driver......not sure who that is but I will find out.

  2. Sure adventures with second-cousins, why the heck not? Life is to short to pass up opportunities for adventures. Grandma will be there enjoying the races, I will take pictures for Helen and it will be an adventure.

    There will be no adventures on ice though. I ice skated once, it wasn't a good thing. It's never good to be cold and on skates. But it does look like Shari and her daughter are enjoying some Michigan winter fun.

  3. I have to agree freezing your rear end off while trying to balance on a blade is not my idea of fun. I just do not bounce well any more. She sent me several pictures from New Years Day, her house, her dogs her street. Her son wanted no part of that and was inside sipping hot chocolate.

  4. I would have been inside with him. The snow looks pretty when it first falls and only if you have no where else to go. That is it. After, it's freezing and the snow is black (or yellow) and it just looks gloomy and cold.

  5. Well I have only really had to deal with California Snow, which is sometimes here today and then gone today. I remember when I went to Kenosha in January is was so cold all of my bones hurt. And I had my cute ugg boots to keep my feet warm, which no one there wears because they are suede and get ruined by the ice and slush. You have to have the ugly rubber ones. I put a six pack of miller lite on the porch and two of them exploded because they froze. Good times, Good times!!!!

  6. I remember that well. The movers had every door in my house wide open and we were freezing. Then we went to that little country restaurant and had soup. The next day you nearly had to take out some lady at a Chicago hotel because she told you to just get over it. And we walked over to Navy Pier. I get cold just thinking about it.

  7. That's right I asked that lady about a cab, and she said it wasn't that far about six blocks or so. I said thats a long walk when it is only 8 degrees outside (The wind was blowing too)And said well that's Chicago in the winter, what did I expect. Well, I expected her to shut up and call us a cab. And as I recall Catherine did not like Taxi cabs, they were too stinky. The rules about smoking are different there. She liked Airplanes though


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