Friday, January 11, 2008

Finally Friday

I have been so busy at work that I feel like I have not properly rested in a week. I have a bunch of errands tomorrow, so tonight, with David’s help, I am taking the night off. David is watching the kids and I am in my room, alone. I have Rachel Ray on the TV, a bag of tacos next to me, and a large Pepsi on the nightstand. I also have a book to read and some candy for later. So here I am, in my jammies enjoying the peace and quiet. And I took time out of my relaxing schedule just to tell you about it. Don’t you feel special?

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  1. Saturday is the day when I run errands too. I try and get one or two things done around the house and relax a little. We go and hang out with grandpa on one day each weekend. But this week I am going to hang out with him on Monday. We have some stuff to take care of and he has a doctors visit. It is time to check the batteries in his pacemaker. It just takes a few minutes, the guy puts a little sticky on my dads chest and then you see the pacemaker on the computer screen. He gets so bored by himself all the time, but it won't be long now and he will out of there.


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