Saturday, January 26, 2008

Saturday In The Car

Catherine in the car.

Today we spent the day running errands all over town. First, we took all the cans and bottles to the recycling center. Then we went to the SuperCuts so David and Carolynn could get their hair cut. Carolynn looks exactly the same, just more even. We went to the pharmacy and to the bank. Then we went to the mall to pick up a few things. We had lunch at Pat and Oscar’s while we were there. Then we went to the Wal-Mart. We got Guitar Hero for our Wii. I think we now own all the best Wii games and all the kids will want to hang out here.

At Pat and Oscar's

In the afternoon, Catherine and I had appointments to see the eye doctor. My glasses broke in October or whenever it was that my cousin was here. (She did not break them; she was just here when it happened.) I got a new pair today and some sunglasses too. Our little Catherine has the same eyes as her mom and got her first pair of glasses today too. Here is a picture of her with her new glasses.

Catherine's new glasses.

Then we went to the Circuit City to spend the gift cards my Grandpa got us for Christmas. We got some movies and Catherine got a Wii game called Cooking Mama. It looks cute, but we have not tried it yet. There are people playing Dance Dance Revolution right now.

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  1. Well Catherine looks real cute in her new glasses, I hope that she remembers to wear them, when she is at school. I am glad you got new glasses too, I hope you got some cute ones since you wear them everyday they need to be comfy and cute. And sunglasses are a must when driving in all this California sunshine.


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