Saturday, August 09, 2008


Yep, that is me. I am active. I have been so busy lately. I have appointments, interviews, and kid stuff almost everyday. Last Saturday I took Catherine to Home Depot for their kid’s workshop. She made an Olympic Flag holder. Today I took her to her first kid’s workshop at Lowe’s. She got a Lowe’s apron, a hammer and goggles. She got a certificate and a patch to sew on her apron. Home Depot gave her an apron, they give pins instead of patches, and they give her certificates too. At Lowe’s she built a locker. Then we walked over to the garden center to look around. Our yard needs help. However, it will have to wait. We are still working on the weeds, the lawn, the hedges, and the immense amount of pickers. Once we get that done (and I have a job to pay for stuff), we can add new bushes and plants. I did allow Catherine to get some clearance hummingbird feeder and a little wind chime to hang on the back porch. I told her if she can keep the back porch swept up and clean, maybe she could get a little plant in a pot to put out there. She always liked outdoor activities. She grew tomatoes on the porch at our old apartment.

Carolynn started her baton class this week. There were only two other girls in the class. Neither was Carolynn’s age. Both were much younger. She is signed up for four classes. She says she still wants to go. If no more girls ever come, she does not have to do it again. She is in the band at school. Her saxophone playing sounds like an elephant mating call, but she is working on it. She learned a note.

The girls have just finished their first week of school. They have made some new friends. They can get to the bus and home. Catherine has already lost her lunch box. They have nice teachers and nice schools. They are so much better than their last schools.

Today I did 30 minutes on my Wii Fit and I walked about a mile with 3lb weights. Tonight, the girls and I are going to see a ballgame. Go Mavericks!


  1. It sounds like a busy week, I have a couple of chairs you can have for your back porch. Did Catherine leave her lunch box on the bus? Well maybe it will turn up. The ball game will be fun, Go Mavericks.

  2. Woo Hoo! Chairs!

    She left her lunch box outside of her classroom after lunch so she could go play. After recess she forgot to grab it and didn't realize she didn't have it until she got home. When she went the next morning it was gone. I am sure it is somewhere. She will check the lost and found Monday.

  3. Well you can sit in your chairs on the porch and rock.....They used to be my Moms.

    I bet that a lot of lunch boxes get lost that way....


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