Friday, August 08, 2008


I am dressed like Sporty Spice. My whole self is achy. Yesterday I did 30 minutes of yoga and strength exercise. Then I ran walked for a while. Today I have done 40 minutes of strength training and aerobics. I have every intention to run today too. (Really, I mean it.)

At Target, I have purchased 3lb and 5lb weights. Oh sure, that will make it easier. But I am determined.

I feel like I am starving. I have eaten but my body thinks Ho-Ho’s would be good. The brownies my mother so lovingly purchased from Winco baked, are staring at me from the counter. They say, “Come on fatty, take a bite!” I want to shove down chips and drown that in soda. Instead, I made fish and peas. I have water or iced tea to drink. The brownies are my enemy.

Vitamins I purchased a few months ago have been located and came out of retirement. Women’s One A Day, Calcium, and Vitamin C will now have to be an every day occurrence. Nasty, but true.

Some of the worry has dissipated. I feel confident I will soon be employed. The bills have been cleverly taken care of and soon I will have a house full of food, healthy food, thanks to more help from the world out there. David has been employed by the McDonald’s and is sure to get something even better soon. I am sure. I have to be.

That is really all I have to say today. My fish is done and I need to eat. Then later I will run. I can do anything I want to do. I will do this. While I do my yoga and such, I can see a small candle that says “Mom, You Are Marvelous.” One of the girls gave me that for Christmas one year. I do this for them. And for me. I will rock.


  1. maybe you will be my inspiration to get my wiifit back out and get going on it again. i totally slacked off because we spent nearly three weeks in iowa without my wii and it probably things i have forgotten that it exists. i need to get motivated!!!!! we will have to cheer each other on. you can keep your fish dinner though. guess i would be eating a lot of peas if i were there

  2. I do not care for the fish either. But I do like peas. I am sure that you can do this, it is not just about dropping a few Bonnie says round is a shape. You are probably stronger then you think too, you can pick up Catherine and you picked up Elvis and he is a chunky guy. walk with the wieghts to help the upper body......

  3. I miss our walking days. It's much more fun when you have a buddy.

  4. Heather- My Wii Fit did think I forgot it. It's a great tool for this though. Get out yours and get moving. Eat healthier and skip the fish. I made some noodles too. You'd have eaten that.

    Trish- Carolynn is my new walking buddy we went to the high school where my dad works and ran the track. But I miss you too. :)

  5. I've been slacking in the exercise dept too but got a bit motivated last night. I stopped by the gym to get in a quick workout and next thing I knew, I was peer pressured by a friend to join the spin class. I had not sweated that much in a long time. lol!


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