Thursday, August 07, 2008

Thursday 13- Edition 19

Thirteen Places I Wish I Could Go

1. London, England
2. Paris, France
3. Moscow, Russia
4. Tokyo, Japan
5. Egypt- I want to see the pyramids
6. Rome, Italy
7. China- Anywhere would be awesome
8. New York City, New York
9. Florida Keys- I want to go snorkeling and see cool fishies
10. Orlando, Florida
11. Alaska- Anywhere, as long as it’s summer
12. Washington, D.C.
13. Athens, Greece


  1. I have been to Kenosha, it was nice but I think I would rather see Paris.

  2. HA! Heather if I am traveling to these places, maybe you could come with me because I have already been to Kenosha. The only things good about when I was in Kenosha is that I owned my own house and you.

  3. I have a lot of these places on my list too. Of the ones I've been to, Paris is my absolute favorite. It was as charming and scenic as I had hoped, though the people were as unfriendly as I'd heard. I'd still go back in a heartbeat! :)

  4. i really want to go to greece!!!!!!!! ken said seychelles is beautiful too. he went there on his last deployment. atleast i was a good thing in kenosha and not a bad thing!

  5. I been to Kenosha Wisconsin I lived by there not that great! Fun list I like all the warm places. It's only 70 here today.

  6. I am surprized by how many people have actually been to Kenosha. That area was home to the All American Girls the Rockford Peaches, the Kenosha Belles I think

  7. I love NYC!

    Hope you get to the places you would like to go:)

  8. I'd love to go to most of these places too! Now somebody just needs to give us lots of money so we can travel...

    You lost your comments on Wednesday too? That's weird.I'm still hoping mine will re-appear.

    Nice TT, I might steal your idea sometime. :)

  9. Clarence- Yes, I lost a few last night. I got them in my e-mail, but the comments never appeared at the original post. I hope they fixed the problem.

  10. What a cool list! I can highly recommend both Paris and London. Soooo much fun (for totally different reasons). Of course, San Francisco and San Diego are also very close to my heart. :) Great list!

  11. I know its an old post but I wanna comment anyways....I've been lucky enough to be in 6 of the 13 on your list. Tokyo is awesome, lots of class and culture and very civil and safe society. I know cool places and cheap hotels if you need....
    Went to China in march this year, Hong Kong and Macau. Loved it. It s super duper mega city built vertically. you can get anywhere by subway or bus, no need for a car. Take the turbo-cat 50 minute ride to Macau and the casinos there and you will feel like an international jet-setting adventurer! great time! Hope youget to ALL of the places you want. I really want to go to England. I am going to Thailand at the end of this month, just a few days from now. Love that place. Will be shopping at huge malls and doing river dinner cruises in Bangkok with my girlfreind. Can't wait! My best to all.


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