Monday, September 08, 2008

The Catherine Life - Part Two,Three, Four,And Five

2 Today I got our sugar crystals,and when I got home I sat on my butt.
3 Carolynn and I cleaned our rooms.We also did our other chores.
4 We went to...The LA county Fair!It was sooooooooo fun!I got a stuffed cow named Lilly,and we rode on the Tilt A Whirl three times!We rode on other rides too.When we left we were tired and hungry so we went to Sonic and I had chicken strips.
5 Today we got a new girl named Teyah.
No more people yet.I have to hurry to get the five more girls because I only have two more weeks.

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  1. The fair was very fun and I did not even ride on the tilt a whirl, I liked looking at all the animals and it was so funny when the cow grabbed Carolynn's shirt


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